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We enjoy good relationships with a broad range of suppliers so as to offer our customers a wide choice of products at cost-effective prices and provide a seamless service for bringing together all items for containerized shipment.

Our team and associates have many years of experience in the global wholesale supply of consumer products. Our aim is to provide our clients with a good choice of grocery and consumer products, at competitive prices and seamless transit service for the bulk supply of such items worldwide.


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Our export shipping staff ensure all the necessary documentation is in place for the shipment of goods and in association with our nominated freight forwarders and shipping agents co-ordinate the transit of your goods, entry into the destination country with swift customs clearance and onward delivery to the destination address.

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We are continually seeking additions to the ranges we offer and welcome inquiries from potential and existing customers for other products which we may be able to source on their behalf. We recognize that every customer is unique in the type and mix of goods being sought, the scope of requirements, and their import/export needs.



We aim to provide a personalized bespoke service to ensure we satisfy your orders precisely as requested. We would welcome your inquiries for the worldwide bulk wholesale supply of British branded grocery and consumer products so we can prepare a proposal dedicated to your specific requirements. Please contact us for a no-obligation assessment.

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Henriksmultiservice.com in conjunction with its freight forwarders oversees, Provides the preparation and submission of all the necessary documentation specific to a particular country’s import requirements.

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We are a major wholesale exporter of perfect branded groceries and consumer products with experiencing in the shipping and importing of such goods worldwide.