Henriksmultiservice sources and supplies a wide range of branded grocery and consumer products worldwide. grocery and consumer products.

Our main strengths are:-

  • Access to a wide range of premium branded grocery products as a major wholesaler.
  • Export and import of wholesale supplies of grocery, other products at competitive prices
  • Cost-effective supply of goods in containerized shipments
  • Establish links with freight forwarders for the safe and timely shipment of goods
  • Full knowledge of international shipping documentation needs specific to destination countries and ports to ensure swift customs clearance
  • Hands-on tracking of shipments from source to client destination

Our team would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and prepare a package to suit your needs.

Product sourcing

We have robust partnerships with a number of companies who we work with to
bulk supply of their branded grocery products across the world
This includes a broad range of branded household, food and beverage products for bulk supply worldwide featuring sought after and respected brands such as Ambrosia, Coca Cola, Batchelors, Cadbury, Caterers Choice, Evian, Heinz, Highland Spring, Kit Kat, Longley Farm,  Lucozade, McCoys, Monster Energy, Nescafe, Ocean Spray, Perrier, Red Bull, Ribena, Schweppes, Toblerone and many more.

Our wholesaler purchasing power enables us to offer customers throughout the Far East easy access to premium quality brands at highly competitive prices. Such is the burgeoning demand for Western-style food and grocery products in almost all Asian countries, that we are now one of the fastest-growing Poland based companies in the global commodities supply chain.

We are continually reviewing and adding to our range of products on offer. If you are seeking an item not listed on our product pages then please contact us and we will advise if this can be sourced.

In addition to our product sourcing capabilities, we have expertise in effectively managing international shipments across the world.